Hydroseeding Christchurch and Rolleston and Canterbury
Hydroseeding and Landscaping Services Christchurch Canterbury
Hydroseeding Christchurch and Canterbury. Contact Spray on Grass for all Hydroseeding Spray on Grass.

Hydroseeding Christchurch Canterbury

Hydroseeding Christchurch contact Spray on Grass Hydroseeding Specialists Christchurch and throughout Canterbury.
With temperatures warming up, now is the time to think about how your alfresco living could be enhanced with a gorgeous grassy spot to rest, entertain or play on.

If your front lawn or exterior commercial space is looking a bit on the dowdy side, why not make the most of the skilled and creative crew from Hydroseeding Christchurch and let us landscape a lawn and outdoor area you can be proud of.

We’ll do the hard yards for you, from landscape design and ground prep to planting, hydroseeding, and irrigation.
Hydroseeding by Hydroseeding Christchurch is an effective method of lawn generation which is pretty much failproof. With the right soil prep and aftercare, it’s quick to germinate, lush, long-lasting and provides perfectly even ground coverage.

The team at Spray on Grass Hydroseeding Christchurch are well experienced in its application and not only can we supply you with a verdant (green) lawn at home we can beautify the view your employees enjoy while looking for ‘inspiration’. Creating a healthy workplace environment just got a whole lot easier with Hydroseeding Christchurch!

If you’re wondering how hydroseeding works, think about the product (and verb) ‘Spray on Grass’ because that’s literally how it happens. After preparing your site we spray on a mix of grass seed, water, fertilizer and mulch, and in about 3 weeks you’ll have the lawn of your dreams.
Hydroseeding Christchurch will grass residential, commercial, construction sites, new subdivisions, civil spaces, erosion-prone, hilly and difficult access areas and properties which need an instant lush, springy grass response.

Lawn Preparation, Hydroseeding Christchurch and throughout Canterbury

Hydroseeding Christchurch call Spray on Grass Christchurch for all Lawn Preparation and Hydroseeding Christchurch and Canterbury.

Spray on Grass for Hydroseeding Christchurch. Lawn preparation, Christchurch. Hydroseeding services, Christchurch and Canterbury.

We know our lawns! And Spray on Grass Christchurch understand that before your lawn can flourish, there’s a bit of groundwork to be done first.

Excavating, removing, delivering and spreading your topsoil to create optimal ground conditions for your lawn is an important preliminary to hydroseeding, because, as in any industry, preparation is key.

That means initiating a well-constructed earth stratum and matrix foundation to provide the right soil conditions for successful hydroseeding to take place.

Spray on Grass Christchurch offer our clients a free consultation to analyse the existing terrain and advise on what action is needed to optimise your site’s receptivity to hydroseeding.

Because all soil is different (moisture content, microbial content, particle structure), it’s helpful to know what we’re dealing with. After all, the soil is the nourishing medium in which your seed will germinate, so it pays to improve, increase or even replace when required.

Spray on Grass Christchurch are on good terms with soil – it’s our livelihood – so let us instigate the best ground preparation for your hydroseeding success.

This is what we do:
• Mow grass and weeds if higher than 100mm
• Spray off with Round Up or Glyphosate-based herbicide
• Rotary Hoe to a depth of 150mm
• Add 50-100mm of finely screened topsoil
• Level lawn to achieve a flat surface
• Compact area with a lawn roller
• Lightly rake to loosen top 25mm

Hydroseeding Christchurch and throughout Canterbury.

Hydroseeding Landscaping and Irrigation services Christchurch and through out Canterbury
Hydroseeding in Christchurch New Zealand
Hydroseeding Christchurch and Canterbury. Contact Spray on Grass for all Hydroseeding Spray on Grass.
Irrigation and Hydroseeding services Christchurch Rolleston and Canterbury area.
Irrigation services Christchurch and Canterbury.

Hydroseeding in Christchurch Canterbury

Hydroseeding Christchurch and throughout Canterbury. Talk to Spray on Grass Christchurch.

For residential lawns, construction sites, new subdivisions, hilly, erosion-prone areas, berms and verges, Hydroseeding is a grassing technique which has stood the test of time for the past 80-odd years.

Even as new products and more sophisticated systems have emerged, each one constantly improving and simplifying the hydroseeding process, the essential practise remains the same.

Choose Spray on Grass for Hydroseeding Christchurch; we specialise in this service during which water, seed, fertilizer and mulch are sprayed onto your topsoil. The product we use is Spray on Grass, a fantastic system that does exactly as it says on the tin.

If that process sounds too simple to be true, then think again; the proof is in the many testimonials that our clients are delighted to supply.

And have a look at our gallery, too – our success with lawns is also our reward because we take as much satisfaction in creating a great outdoor space as you do in living it.

Spray on Grass Christchurch for all Hydroseeding Christchurch and covering Canterbury are happy to discuss the benefits of the hydroseeding procedure. We’ll explain how easy it is to establish and maintain the glossy green lawn you’ve always wanted and how we will achieve best results.

We’ll help you out with any further instructions but here’s what we recommend once we’ve done our bit:
• Water frequently (3x daily) for 10mins, (0-3 weeks)
• As roots establish water less frequently, (3-6 weeks)
• Avoid walking on the lawn for 1 month
• Once grass is 75mm mow top 1/3 of leaf or 25mm
• After 6-10 weeks apply a slow-release fertilizer.

Instant Lawn Christchurch Rolleston and Canterbury
Ready Lawn and Hydroseeding Christchurch and Rolleston and Canterbury
Hydroseeding Christchurch and Canterbury. Contact Spray on Grass for all Hydroseeding Spray on Grass.

Ready Lawn, Hydroseeding, Spray on Grass Christchurch and Canterbury

Hydroseeding Christchurch call Spray on Grass Christchurch. Readylawn services, Christchurch and Canterbury.

Sometimes life is a bit of a hurry. Work and family tend to dominate and if you are a business striving to hustle and make sales, time can seem like your enemy.

When you don’t have the opportunity or desire to self-manage your lawn, whether residential or commercial, talk to Spray on Grass about Readylawn.

Readylawn is a high-quality rolled up turf that is simply laid onto your pre-prepared area for immediate grass glamour.

It’s perfect for new subdivisions, as part of your new landscaping package for home or commercial purposes or as a quick and surprisingly economical fix for a lawn space that’s sadly lacking.

This technique gives instant impact to your outdoor space with minimal effort and zero fuss – a lush, gorgeous lawn within minutes – and Spray on Grass Christchurch will do all the work for you.
Spray on Grass Christchurch work closely with our Readylawn turf specialist who has the experience and in-depth knowledge required to grow this luxurious, living – and unique – product.

Spray on Grass Hydroseeding Christchurch follow this process:
• Spray off existing weeds
• Cultivate the lawn area to 150mm
• Add topsoil if necessary
• Consolidate the area by heeling and rake to desired levels and a smooth surface
• Apply good quality fertiliser and water in
• Roll out the Readylawn
• Cut to shape
• Water, water, water.

Spray On Lawn Christchurch and Canterbury. Spray On Grass
Hydroseeding Christchurch and Rolleston Canterbury
Hydroseeding Christchurch and Canterbury. Contact Spray on Grass for all Hydroseeding Spray on Grass.

Spray on Grass Christchurch, Irrigation Design and Installation Christchurch and Canterbury

Hydroseeding Christchurch, Spray on Grass, Lawn irrigation installation Christchurch,  Lawn irrigation design services, Christchurch, and Canterbury.
These days, climate change means more extreme weather conditions and in New Zealand, summertime droughts can spell disaster for your lawn – in fact, it’s often the first thing in your garden to suffer.

Likewise, too much rain causes pugging in your lawn, drowning, poor nutrition uptake at the roots or even fungal disease.

Your lawn is a living entity that needs a balance of oxygen, warmth, moisture and good nutrition to survive, so putting systems in place to combat the effects of both drought and downpour makes good sense.
Spray on Grass Christchurch reckon that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and will design and install irrigation and drainage systems best suited to your situation.

We’ll help circumnavigate the need for you to be stressing about your lawn during any season – and enable you to return from holiday and find your lawn still looking lovely.
• Irrigation design
• Supply and installation
• Servicing
• Automated controllers
• Underground irrigation lines
• Sustainable water management.

  • Hydroseeding Christchurch
Landscapers Christchurch and Canterbury. Spray On Grass
Ready Lawn and Spray on Lawn Christchurch area

Hydroseeding Christchurch and Canterbury, Spray on Grass Christchurch NZ

Hydroseeding Christchurch and throughout the Canterbury region. Spray on Grass for all Hydroseeding Christchurch. Landscaping, Paths, Edging, Christchurch and Canterbury.

Spray on Grass Christchurch. Full landscaping. Timber and plant edging, Christchurch. Decorative stones and paths, Christchurch and Canterbury.

There’s always a spot in the garden or the outdoor area your family or staff enjoy that could do with a little enhancement – symmetry, style, zen or wow.

Spray on Grass Christchurch are creative-thinking landscape specialists who can design an outdoor space that ticks all these boxes.

With some imagination, and a budget as large or small as you like, it’s incredible how easily your garden can be transformed into a place of beauty.

The team at Spray on Grass Christchurch will consult and advise on a way forward for you. We love the look of architectural stones positioned in strategic areas of your garden. Or if you like to meander down a garden path, then a decorative stone one will make the stroll interesting.

Or how about adding natural timber edging around your garden to create a frame for your plants and a defined contrast to your lovely new lawn.
Spray on Grass Christchurch offer:
• Full landscaping services
• Ground treated timber edging or mowing strips
• Planting; we work with local nurseries to obtain quality plants, shrubs and trees
• Mulch/ compost/ chip
• Retaining walls; large retaining walls to a raised boundary edge, lawn or garden
• Decorative stones
• Stone paths and paving

  • Hydroseeding Christchurch


John Doe

We priced around and Spray On Grass came out on top the hydroseeding
was amazing and we had grass in 3 weeks!

Ivan – Tai Tapu

John Doe

With one call we arranged for a free quote which was the beginning of
our new landscaped section, the team worked efficiently and cleanly to
provide a great lawn and garden area for our family to enjoy –

Prestons Park – Christchurch.

John Doe

A+ in all aspects, nothing was a problem. We love our new lush lawn.

Anna – Wigram Skies

John Doe

With so many to choose from we picked Spray On Grass to do our full lawn and landscaping.

They knew their profession and we took their recommendation on irrigation and garden borders which we are so happy with!

Thanks, Guys!

Chris and Kelly – Rolleston

John Doe

After a DIY disaster, I called in Scott to help with my lawn he not only
fixed it but made it amazingly level, and the grass is already growing,
I couldn’t be happier.

April -Linclon

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